Flat Earth President

Paul Michael Bales

Paul Michael Bales is one of the founding fathers of the modern flat earth revival.

Paul was the first conspiracy theorist, the first electric universe researcher and the first astrotheologist to actively start talking about the flat earth.

Paul coined many terms and phrases associated with the flat earth as well as coming up with many concepts and ideas associated with it sometimes without credit. Paul was the first to say that satellites were really from high towers and that gravity did not exist and the first to say many things like this. You can see some of the words Paul coined in his Flat Earth Dictionary.

Paul is a collector of rare Flat Earth Books and brought many old, rare and forgotten about flat earth books back into the public awareness, books like Zetetic Cosmogony, Terra Firma: Earth Not A Planet, Kings Dethroned, One Hundred Proofs The Earth Not A Globe and Universal Gravitation A Universal Fake as well as others. Paul has kindly paid for many of these books to be uploaded to the internet so that you can all read them for free, he hopes that they may inspire you as much as they inspired him.

Paul helped and sparked off and inspired many people including the conspiracy theorist Eric Dubay, who has now made a name for himself in this field, writing a book called the Flat Earth Conspiracy which quoted heavily from the books Paul gave to Eric to read as well as making known to a wider audience the concepts Paul was speaking about on his facebook page, YouTube and twitter.

Paul is a modern day Renaissance man, he is a Poet, Song Writer, Music Producer, Philosopher, Alternative Scientist, Astrotheologer, Electric Universe and Electro-Biology researcher, Egyptologist, Conspiracy Theorist, Collector of Rare, Antique books, Baconian, N.L.P and E.F.T Certified, Marketer, Copywriter.

Paul also is a Linguist, Comparative Linguist and Etymologist he even started his own thing with his Holistic Linguistics. Paul is a student of many languages, Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Sumerian, Akkadian, Sanskrit, Bantu, Serbian, Mayan, Chinese and many more as well as the Alphabets of the world, you could call him a Polyglot.

Paul is a student of all of the worlds religions and the mythologies of the world, he has a love of psychology, symbolism, alternative science and alternative healing.

Paul is a Patron of the Arts, he is friends with and supports Models, Painters, Poets, Photographers, Musicians, Singers, Actresses and Writers.

Paul awoke his Kundalini in his early twenties being a Pisces he is Deep, Poetic and Prophetic.

The Last Living Active student of Alfred Lawson the genius who invented the Airliner and coined the word Aircraft, Merle Hayden, once said this about Paul. “Paul your scope is beyond mortal mans.”

Paul has read well over a thousand books and continues to read, study and learn more.